MICRO Electrolytic Dissolution (MED)

MED Work CellsMICRO’s MED process removes metal from the work piece by electrochemically dissolving specific quantities of material by predetermined process parameters, which results in an accurately machined, intricate part — the perfect solution for precision orthopedic and surgical components, and more.

MED Process Operation

Micro Electrolytic Dissolution
MED Process Operation

Benefits and Capabilities

  • Produces highly complex, contoured, intricate shapes
  • Tolerances capabilities of 5 microns (.0002 in)
  • Processing of Super Alloys, MIM’s components, all grades of Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum & Carbide
  • Material Removal Rate (MRR) is not affected by hardness of the metal
  • Feed rate 0.1 – 2.0 mm/min
  • Roughing, finishing, polishing in one operation
  • Surface finish Ra ≥ 0.03 microns (1.2 micro inches)
  • No burrs, cracking, or material deformation
  • No stress imparted to the work piece
  • Grain structure unchanged


Helical Blades, Plunge Cut

Custom Tooling

We develop custom tooling for each individual application.

  • Simultaneous multi-part or multi-cavity machining
  • “Contact Free” processing—tooling electrode does not make contact with work piece
  • No tool wear


Industry Application Examples

  • Medical Device– Multi-cavity anvils
  • Pharmaceutical – Pill press punches
  • Orthopedic – Implants (multi surface finishes)
  • Aerospace– Intricate turbine blades
  • Electronics – Micro structured parts
  • Automotive – Fuel cell plates
  • Industrial – Heat exchanger plates