Innovative New Machining System Acquired by MICRO

“We want to continually invest in the latest equipment and the newest technologies to manufacture the highest quality products at the best possible price for our customers,” says Carl Savage, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

How does MICRO continually offer the best products with the highest value to their clients?

MCIRO Blog Image Citizen L2000 machining center

We continue to upgrade equipment such as our newly acquired Citizen L2000 Swiss style CNC machining center, complete with an integrated 400w laser cutter that now combines two technologies: “Swiss-turn machining” and “laser cutting”.




  • The Citizen L2000 system is part Swiss-style 7-axis CNC lathe and part Arcor fiber laser.
  • Swiss-turn machining has the capability to hold extremely tight tolerances, which is great for components made from solid bar stock or thick and thin walled tubes.
  • This new machine will enhance MICRO’s tube fabrication center as it is geared towards producing intricate parts that require the utmost precision.

This is the first commercial installation of this model machine for Citizen USA and opens up a whole new world of possibilities in flexible manufacturing for MICRO.

“The new system is particularly useful for fabricated tube production. It gives us the ability to laser cut features such as slots or holes, and machine features (various OD’s) simultaneously, thus reducing setup time, secondary processing, and handling costs,” says Savage.

Located in Somerset, New Jersey, MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer of complete medical devices, components, and fabricated tube assemblies.


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