In order to expand the commercialization of our MICRO Electrolytic Dissolution (MED) process, MICRO has added a new PEM machine to its arsenal. This brings the total of PEM work cells at MICRO’s disposal to four. The machine was added to the company’s newly expanded precision machining center.

Why MED Processing?

MICRO’s MED process is an advanced machining method that is used to create complex parts for medical instruments used in surgical and orthopedic procedures. This technique dissolves part of the raw material from the work piece electrochemically to make components of unparalleled precision.

The method results in:

  • Finely-crafted components crafted in a more efficient way
  • A superior finish on the surface of the work piece
  • Minimal physical stress on the part being machined

MICRO has positioned itself as a leader in MED processing by being the first company to commercialize the method in North America. “The addition of this machine is a great opportunity for us to increase our capacity and expand our creative innovation and efficiency,” says MICRO Vice President of Sales & Marketing Carl Savage. MICRO has invested around $10 million to date to enhance the strength of its PEM infrastructure, making it an important focus of MICRO’s growing presence in the medical device market.

Located in Somerset, New Jersey, MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer of complete medical devices, components, and fabricated tube assemblies. For more information on the technical aspects involved with the MED process, visit: