MICRO offers tips on how to design tubes

With more than 40 years of expertise in tube fabrication, MICRO has set a high standard in metal tube manufacturing while continuing to enhance our production processes. In fact, an article from August’s issue of Medical Design & Outsourcing just highlighted MICRO’s commitment to both innovation and production excellence. The 2-page article featured interviews with MICRO executives who offer tips for medical device designers to enhance their tubing projects.


Rolled & Drawn Tubing


The article illustrates how adopting new technologies can improve production capabilities. For instance, MICRO recently acquired a Swiss CNC turning lathe which both laser cuts and machines tubing, a streamlined process which typically requires two machines. MICRO also utilizes wire EDM machines to fashion tubes with features that could not be achieved through milling or laser cutting. These unique production units give designers the freedom to craft new varieties of tubing that meet the ever-changing needs of the medical device industry.

The article also describes MICRO’s innovative rolled-tube technology. Rather than putting features into drawn tubes after they are cut, the rolled-tube process stamps all details into continuous coil stock as it rolls up the tube in a progressive stamping die. This process allows for faster production rates and, in some instances, lower costs.

“MICRO is committed to using the latest in production technologies while maintaining instrument quality and throughput,” said Carl Savage, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Nowhere is this more evident than in our metal tube manufacturing operations, where we have met the challenge of changing with the needs of metal tube designers.”

Based in Somerset, New Jersey, MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer of fabricated tube assemblies and other complete medical devices. We offer a full range of low-cost, high-quality tubing solutions for the medical device marketplace, crafted in our dedicated tube fabrication center.

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