When MICRO moved to Somerset, NJ in 1988, we opened a 68,000 sq. ft. facility at 140 Belmont Drive with nearly 65,000 sq. feet of that space dedicated to manufacturing. About eight years ago, MICRO expanded operations again, this time into an adjacent building at 100 Belmont Drive. By adding 60,000 sq. feet, we doubled our total manufacturing capacity. Now, MICRO has moved a number of departments into a third building at 110 Belmont, developing our headquarters into a corporate campus.


“The necessity for expansion was due to several new projects from new and existing customers” said Brian Semcer, MICRO President. “Machining, cleaning and packaging required more space for increased levels of production for these new medical device programs”.
msc-2001-blog-building-pics-007The new 110 Belmont office now houses our Accounting & Finance, Document Control, Purchasing, and Sales & Marketing departments previously stationed at 100 Belmont. With new manufacturing space now available for machining at 100 Belmont, we can move forward to procure new capital equipment, advanced automation, and sophisticated robotics to support our new medical programs.

msc-2001-blog-building-pics-005100 Belmont is now home to our New Build Engineering Group, and our Tooling, Design, and Product Development and Prototyping departments. Other technologies on the shop floor include Wire EDM, PEM/MED machining and some laser technologies. This building will also house our sorting, final packaging, and shipping & receiving operations.

MICRO’s main corporate offices will remain in the original 140 Belmont facility, as well as our main manufacturing capabilities—metal stamping, tube fabrication, laser technologies, and clean room assembly.

MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer of medical devices and sub-assemblies, fabricated tube assemblies and plastic insert moldings. Offering product development and design assistance capabilities, we excel in prototyping and validation to full-scale production.

Visit http://www.micro-co.com/medical-devices/ for more information on MICRO’s medical device manufacturing capabilities.