Offers OEMs Edge and Safety with Disposables

Medical instruments used in surgery today often require more elaborate features and added functionality than they did in the past, largely due to the growth in minimally invasive surgery. For this reason, greater attention to detail is critical in product design and development. To meet the demand for small, complex, light-weight surgical products, medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly opting for disposable surgical tools and product offerings, which provide flexible, off-the-shelf single-use sterile solutions to surgeons and hospitals.

Much of the demand is also meant to address an increase in hospital acquired infections (HAIs), as single-use instruments offer a safer approach to preventing transmission of infections versus reusable instruments that undergo repeated use and sterilization.

OEMs also want their contract manufacturing organization (CMO) partners to be able to meet these ever-changing needs to support surgeons and their patients. It is why innovative technology continues to help achieve more advanced features that are cost effective and efficient to produce.

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