MICRO, Inc., a Somerset, NJ-based contract manufacturing company that makes medical
devices and other precision products, and celebrating its 75th  year in business, is proud to
announce that Brian Semcer, President, has received the 2020 Force for Change Award in
recognition of manufacturing excellence and leadership in the state of New Jersey. The award,
a new initiative led by Leading Women Entrepreneurs showcases men and women across
industries, who are a force for change in their field and who are creating and managing the most
cutting-edge innovations.

Semcer was recognized for his leadership of MICRO particularly in light of challenges brought
about by COVID-19. The Force for Change Award acknowledges individuals who have
navigated organizations and businesses during the health pandemic, including shifts in business
practices that are helping pave the way for a better future for all New Jersey citizens, and the
nation. Leaders are recognized for their creativity, imagination and unique problem-solving
approaches that positively impact their customers’ needs.

It’s no surprise that Semcer, a third-generation, 25-year veteran at MICRO, said, “I’m
honored to receive this award, but to be candid, I have to share this award with our entire
team, which did an amazing job navigating the recent challenges posed by COVID-19. Our
cross-functional COVID-19 Response Team had daily meetings which took into account,
suggestions and recommendations from all of our 450 employees, then sent email updates
at the end of each day. These are the reasons we have been able to create a safe and
productive environment these past few months to manufacture life-saving medical devices,
fulfilling our Vision “To Help Our Customers Save Lives.”

Below is a link to the announcement made on Friday, June 19, 2020 (Juneteenth) featuring New
Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver and Semcer’s recognition as a crusader in