Hospitals’ need for single-use surgical instruments may spike as they resume elective procedures following the worst of COVID-19. Outsourcing with a credible tubing partner allows OEMs to focus on core competencies internally and free up other resources for maximum competitive advantage.

–  Jim Jock, Micro

As elective surgeries resume during this time of COVID-19, hospitals will be gearing up to stock their shelves with medical instruments to help meet the demand. Single-use surgical devices such as scissors, graspers, forceps, and dissectors will be in high demand due to their inherent benefit of reducing spread of infection.

One of the most critical components of these instruments is the shaft, which must meet strict diameter requirements while housing critical-to-function subassemblies. Most often, these shafts are made from stainless steel tubing, which may be manufactured from drawn tubing or using an innovative stamped-and-rolled technique. Features and volume help to determine which approach will be better suited to a given project.

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