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Process Monitors

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a way of life at MICRO. Therefore, we use real-time computer-based quality data to ensure that customer standards are met and to demonstrate to customers that our processes are under strict control and statistically defect-free. Our data collection software features a real-time feedback and notification system.We continually collect data in real time from all of our processes and our quality tests. This data is automatically input into our SPC software systems, monitored continuously and compared to our control limits and specification limits. If at any time an individual parameter is found to be out of control, an automatic notification is sent to our engineering staff and operations supervisor to determine the necessary response plan.

RJG Technology – Molding

RJG Technology gives us an increased visibility of our processes. Only RJG gives us the detailed process information we require in order to ensure quality parts for our customers.

  • The RJG system makes it possible for us to bring jobs on line faster and to solve problems more quickly. The visual display showing the process allows for immediate recognition of many typical processing errors, and their correction is immediate.
  • Part of the power of real-time monitoring has been our ability to identify problems with molds, machines, and material and to make distinctions between them quickly and easily. RJG makes it possible to make minor repairs or corrections before any problem actually shows up in the part.
  • With RJG, quality control has been improved in several ways. The cavity pressure process data available with the system allows for correlation to various part quality parameters. Thus, it is possible to set limits on the RJG data to divert parts that fall outside the critical quality parameter.
  • The value of this technology is to be able to deliver zero defect products to our customers every time with minimal part inspection. Another plus is being 100% networked; we can remotely monitor or control the machines on the plant floor.

Most importantly, using RJG has improved the quality of our parts. RJG’s DARTVision process monitoring software can and does catch even minor problems. It controls our process with cavity pressure sensors and watches each shot at the same time. With DARTVision, we check each and every cycle using in-mold pressure sensors in our multi-cavity tools. The in-mold sensor information correlates to our part characteristics, and we achieve 100 percent quality control.