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Insert Molding:

In our plastic molding area we employ the latest, most proficient, fully articulating 4- to 6-axis Denso robots for hands-free insert molding placement.

End-of-arm tooling on these robots can be designed and programmed to pick and place several similar or dissimilar objects at a time — and load up to 40 stampings per mold cavity.

Speed and repeatability are the key concepts attributed to robotic arms. And needless to say, robots never require coffee breaks, vacations or health insurance.

Laser Welding:

In our laser center we have a LASAG KLS 246 laser welding machine equipped with a 6-axis Denso robot. In a pick and place motion, the robotic arm loads nests of parts into the staging area and the parts are seam and spot welded.

Robots can reduce cost, eliminate defects and reduce waste — thus providing our valued customers with labor-free, mistake-proof, zero-defect and high-output support.

CNC Machining:

Also in Somerset, we have four RoboFlex Automation Cells for use with our multi-axis CNC machines. The new cells—equipped with Fanuc robotic arms—work in conjunction with two Haas DT-1 CNCs that reside in our expanded precision machining center.

Each of the RoboFlex cells can service two CNCs at the same time. The robotic arm picks-and-places raw material blanks into the CNC staging fixtures to be machined into precise parts, then transports the finished parts to trays where they are stored until further processing is needed.

Adding robotic cells for material loading increases production throughput and speeds up turnaround time on machined components—and insures consistent quality.