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Design Engineering

MICRO has a team of experienced design engineers and process engineers. With hundreds of man-years’ experience in the field of engineered resins, complex metallurgies and associated finishing operations, high-cavity hot runner-based molds, and precision stampings, we offer superlative product design support and analysis for manufacturability.

Our modern, rapid prototype facility adds value to your application by providing low-volume sample production. Samples may be test platforms for marketability research, or even production-quality components to represent design-intent and durability testing.

To meet today’s unrelenting need to manufacture new tooling to even higher quality levels and shorter lead times, all phases of engineering are based upon solid modeling to eliminate human error in transcription of ideas. Our strategy and claim is to design-in Six Sigma quality during early involvement with your new program.

At its heart, MICRO is an engineering company, staffed by experienced, innovative design engineers driven to help customers achieve their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Critical to our success is our ability to design, produce and maintain the dies and associated tooling used to produce customer parts. From prototyping to mass production, we are eminently capable of generating engineering designs that take advantage of our team’s unique ability to translate our customers’ needs into practical, reliable solutions.