Machining CenterWhen precision is necessary, it is important to partner with a company whose machining center works meticulously to deliver accurate results. The right manufacturing facility can help you achieve your desired results and experience the benefits associated with precision machining, such as high-quality parts manufactured in a timely, cost-effective manner.

So how do you find a machining center that is the right fit for you?

The experienced staff and design engineers at MICRO believe that the partnership between the customer and a company’s engineering facility should fit like a glove. They should work together to achieve the customer’s desired results while delivering consistent, high-quality products. While we have successfully partnered with customers for over 70 years, we recently decided to strengthen those partnerships by expanding and remodeling our machining center.

“We are very excited about the possibilities that our capacity expansion and infrastructure upgrade offer,” says Carl Savage, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “If a customer requires tight tolerances for high volume metal parts, our precision machining center can deliver.”

The expanded and remodeled production facility now boasts over 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space. It features high-speed milling, Swiss turning CNC lathes, and four- and five- multi axis machines.

  • The high-speed CNC milling machines enable us to manufacture high precision parts and devices that are complex shapes or require close tolerances.
  • Swiss-turn machining can increase productivity and reduce machining time by holding extremely tight tolerances and moving at high rates of speed on multiple axes. It can also expand functionality through the use of multiple cutting tools that work concurrently.
  • The 4-axis machine is excellent for high-volume production as it allows milling to continue as new parts are loaded and completed parts are unloaded. The 5-axis machine has the capability to access two additional rotary axes, allowing a part or tool to move on five different axes at the same time.

P1030103“We also installed a third PEM electrolytic dissolution work cell,” says Savage. “The PEM electrolytic dissolution work cell enables us to expand our capacity while enhancing our capabilities for our MED (MICRO Electrolytic Dissolution) process.”

Our expanded and remodeled engineering center maintains unparalleled standards of environmental and quality management systems. The center also features several technologies that help customers achieve their goals.

Contact MICRO or visit us at MD&M West 2016 (Booth #3040) to learn how the expanded machining center can fit your needs and benefit you.