MICRO’s Carl Savage conveys the importance of a strong CMO/OEM partnership especially when demand for elective surgeries is unpredictable and challenges are evident with supply chain and market needs.

An evolving healthcare market has presented medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with numerous challenges relating to production, supply chains, market demand, and more. Our mission is to help customers with novel ways to improve product design, development, and manufacturing, support needs to scale to market fluctuations, adjust around production schedules, and navigate supply chain disruptions.


-Carl Savage, MICRO

Because we are operating in challenging times, partnerships between CMOs and OEMs is ever more crucial to ensure success. The recent decline in elective surgical procedures has meant demand for products across specialties has taken a real hit. These hurdles are likely to continue for the near term and recovery will be slow. However, given the uncertainty of the market, it is especially essential for OEMs to work in tandem with their CMO partners to address market fluctuations, production schedules, supply-chain disruptions, and maintain inventories.

Some best practices we have implemented include ensuring that disruptions to our operations are as minimal as possible and enlisting feedback from our employees at all levels securing their insights and suggestions, with many ideas being executed.

CMOs that can lead their companies and customers through the uncertainty successfully will be better equipped to handle challenges in the future. At MICRO, we remain committed to our customers, being a valuable resource understanding our shared capabilities and expertise. Understanding goals and project parameters helps achieve partnership success in the development of compliant, effective, high-quality products across the development continuum. Everything goes back to consistent, open communication.

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