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Other Markets

With 75 years of manufacturing experience, MICRO is uniquely positioned to meet the diverse needs of its customers, no matter what industry. Even though we are firmly entrenched in the Medical Device Industry, we actively continue to manufacture parts for other markets.


We are ISO 9001 certified and has earned certified supplier status with many customers, allowing direct shipment to their stock. We are a major supplier of parts and custom assemblies to the electronics and telecommunications industries, supplying millions of capacitor lead frames, miniature precision contacts (using precious metals, copper, brass and other alloys), terminals, pins, springs and many other parts.


As a supplier to the automotive sector, we understand the requirements of high quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. We fabricate literally hundreds of different component parts and assemblies for the automotive industry, including air-bag sensors, lamp and lamp housings, oxygen sensors, electrical system parts (switches, contacts, terminals, connectors, blades, and plugs), brackets, inserts, springs, and many, many more.


We support design efforts for many of the aerospace industry’s avionics and fastening solutions. Over the years, we have manufactured millions of washers and nut plates for various riveting applications. In addition, the industry’s newest fastening systems now employ rivet-less nut plates, which we proudly manufacture.