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Optical Gauging Systems

We utilize the OGP Optical Instrumentation video-based measurement and inspection system for quantitative and qualitative analysis of our customers’ products. This system, coupled with real-time computer-based quality data control, ensures that we meet the highest standards and demonstrate to the customer that our processes are under strict control and statistically defect-free.

  • SmartScope® Flash 250 supports a variety of multi-sensor equipment, including touch probes, microprobes, and through-the-lens laser sensors.
  • State-of-the-art optics include our patented 12:1 AccuCentric zoom lens which calibrates itself automatically after every magnification change, ensuring highest accuracy throughout its entire range.
  • Our rugged benchtop machine with 300mm of X axis travel in a compact package provides measurements of large parts while maintaining a small system footprint, so it can be used virtually anywhere.

Exclusive OGP illumination technology provides the programmable power you need to image the most challenging parts, even prismatic or cylindrical parts. LED back light, coaxial TTL top light — even our patented programmable SmartRing® white LED light — are all standard with SmartScope® Flash 250.

Field proven OGP full field-of-view image processing and advanced Z-axis autofocus deliver high-precision non-contact measurement.

Powering our video metrology capabilities is OGPMeasure-X metrology software, which uses point-and-click tools to simplify complex measurements and provides a versatile measurement package for general use. It is also available with a MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor, a complete 3D metrology software package that takes full advantage of the multi-sensing environment to measure complex parts.

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