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Medical Devices

We are a full-service contract manufacturer of precision medical and surgical components, subassemblies, complete devices, and finished class-critical implant devices. We offer R&D, engineering and design support, prototyping and validation to full-scale production.

Delivering the highest quality surgical instruments and components to the medical device industry, our ISO Class 8 cleanroom for instrument assembly is state-of-the-art. Holding quality certifications for ISO 13485 and ISO 14001, We have an FDA-registered infrastructure and are cGMP-QSR compliant.

MICRO is the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium and stainless steel ligation clips – class-critical implant devices shipped directly to inventory. We also produce a wide variety of blades, scissors, stapling and biopsy devices, as well as laparoscopic, endoscopic and arthroscopic minimally invasive surgical instruments.

Success Stories

Typical Instruments Assembled:

Molded E-probe Handle Assemblies

Linear Stapling
Device Components

Molded Valve

Harmonic Instrumentation

Fluted Cable Assembly

Suture Closure Device

Bladeless Obturators
For Trocar Ports

Electrocautery Probes

Molded Entry Ports