MICRO has acquired three new RoboFlex Automation Cells for use with its multi-axis CNC machines. The new cells work in conjunction with two Haas DT-1 CNCs that reside in our expanded precision machining center. The combination of these robotic cells and MICRO’s CNCs creates a streamlined production system which does not require human interaction.


Adding robotic cells for material loading increases production throughput and speeds up turnaround time on machined components. Automated loading eliminates the production downtime associated with human operation and results in an efficient and cost-effective work environment.

Each of the RoboFlex cells can service two CNCs at the same time. The robotic arm picks-and-places raw material blanks into the CNC staging fixtures to be machined into precise parts, then transports the finished parts to trays where they are stored until further processing is needed.

“Using automated loaders increases production efficiency without sacrificing part quality,” says MICRO Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Carl Savage. “Our systems can now perform multiple precise tooling processes at significantly reduced costs.”

MICRO plans to add a fourth robotic loader to the precision machining center before year’s end. This would bring the total number of robotic cells found across all MICRO facilities to six.

Located in Somerset, New Jersey, MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer of complete medical devices, components, and fabricated tube assemblies. For more information on MICRO’s use of automated processes, visit: http://www.micro-co.com/services/automation/