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Plastic Injection & Insert Molding

Our manufacturing facility utilizes scientific injection molding principals incorporating cavity pressure transducer technologies ensuring our customers the highest quality parts. Transducer technologies quantify the proper injection pressure and injection velocity, and accurately compensate for any change in viscosity of the resin during the molding process.

We use both electric and hybrid Nissei molding machines and Bruderer high speed stamping presses. As an ISO-certified manufacturer with a fully staffed engineering team, we can provide solutions to your most complex manufacturing challenges. In addition to medical clean room molding and assembly, we offer value-added services such as printing, medical packaging & sterilization and ultrasonic welding.

Our Engineering department provides in-house designs of automated assembly equipment, injection molds, progressive stamping dies, gauges and fixtures. Utilizing the most cost-effective and proficient forms of automation, many of our processes include:


  • Progressive metal stamping and molding in one automated line
  • Reel to reel over molding
  • Robotic part loading and unloading of molds
  • Vision technologies, in-mold and in-die testing


Our fully staffed QA department utilizes OGP Smart Scope technology to provide exact dimensioning inspection of our products. We offer an IQ, OQ, PQ medical validation and PPAP submissions and staffs a modern tool room with experienced tool makers to provide mold and die maintenance of our customers’ tooling.

Pre-Mold Options

  • Stamping of inserts (metal, mylar)
  • Forming of stampings produced off-line
  • Contact assembly (tape-weld, rivet-stake)
  • Attachment of electronic components
  • Feed up to two discreet reels of stampings

In-Mold Options

  • Progressive two-shot molding
  • Metal cutting
  • Metal forming
  • Laser

Post-Mold Options

  • Metal forming after molding
  • Trimming
  • Electrical buss operations
  • Testing options
  • Vision systems
  • High potential, capacitance, continuity
  • Packaging options
  • Wind on reel
  • Tube and tray pack