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Precision Machining

Swiss Turning Capabilities

Multiple Cincom A20VII Swiss-Style, Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes (some laser equipped)

Swiss-turn machining has the capability to hold extremely tight tolerances while moving at high rates of speed on multiple axes to increase productivity and reduce machining time. Multiple cutting tools work concurrently to expand functionality, while utilizing automated feed to limit operator interaction. This machining can produce extremely low RMS surface finishes.


  • 5-Axis, 6-sided long & short part machining
  • Capable to machine 2mm to 20mm OD bar or tube stock
  • Up to 60,000 rpm live tooling available
  • Complete machining of a part from bar stock as long as 12 feet

High Speed CNC Milling

Multiple Haas OM2a 4-Axis Machining Centers
With multiple high speed multi-axis milling machines, we can manufacture the complex shapes and close tolerances required by many industries for high precision parts and devices.


  • 30,000 rpm spindles for high speed precision micro-milling
  • Laser tool setting for high precision applications
  • For high-volume production of small, high-precision 3D parts
  • Great for machining and finishing MIM components

Multi-Axis CNC Machining

Multiple Haas DT-1 4-Axis Machines with Midaco Pallet Changers
Purpose built machines for 3-sided machining on parts that start off as stampings. A sophisticated pallet changer (for high volume production) allows for the milling to continue while completed parts are unloaded and new parts are loaded in the opposing pallet. Active spindle touch probe adds a layer of quality to the process insuring the machine does not process mis-loaded parts.

Multiple Haas VMC 5-Axis Machines
5-Axis machining has the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or a tool on five different axes at the same time. 3-Axis machining centers move a part in two directions (X & Y), and the tool moves up and down (Z). 5-Axis machining centers access two additional rotary axes (A & B).